Servant Teams

We have five Servant Teams that you can be a part of! They are listed below with a brief description of each. To sign up to join a Servant Team, click here.

Prayer: The aim of this team is to keep the ministry saturated in prayer and to keep prayer at the forefront of our minds. They help organize times to gather for prayer as well as help collect and cover prayer requests.

Community: This team helps create opportunities for us to enjoy community and fellowship among each other as the body of Christ. Some examples are organizing a barn dance, getting everyone to go to Krispy Kreme after the weekly meeting, heading up a tailgate, etc.

Outreach: This team helps challenge us to take steps of faith to share our faith with others on this campus. An example is organizing a time to meet up to go to a particular part of campus (dorms, Quad, etc.) to share our faith. They help us also utilize different evangelism tools and give instructions on how to use them.

Pioneer: This team aims to reach into areas of campus in which we are not yet present. You help to identify areas of the campus that are going unreached, meet people, and help us move into those areas of need.

Bridges: This is our international branch of the ministry! They help to reach international students on our campus and build relationships with them.