Meet The Staff!

D & Christie Smith

D, Christie, Jooniper, and Lincon Smith
D & Christie Smith are the Team Leaders for Cru at Alabama. They have been back at Alabama since the fall of ‘17.

D grew up in California, went to high school in Peachtree City, GA and attended Bama ‘98-‘02. He has a bachelors degree in History and spent many hours working for the football team as an equipment manager. Upon graduating, D felt called to join staff with Cru and spent 5 years in East Asia with Alabama’s partnership campus. When he returned to the states he gave leadership to Bridges International (a branch of Cru that reaches out to international students) for the Southeast Region.

Christie grew up in Dayton, Ohio and attended the University of Georgia, where she earned a degree in Early Childhood Education. She worked for the men’s basketball team during her time at UGA, and came to know the Lord through Cru during her freshman year. After graduation, Christie joined staff and spent 4 years at Alabama giving leadership to the team. She then transitioned to Atlanta to be the Campus Field Ministry National Director for the Southeast, providing leadership to the Team Leaders around the SE.

D and Christie felt led to leave their regional leadership to come back to the field, to directly work with students. They were married in April 2011, and have 2 kids, Jooniper and Lincoln. They’ve enjoyed transitioning back to Tuscaloosa. They both love all things sports, a good deal, and traveling. D is pretty much a steal trap with trivia and you’re gonna want Christie on your team when it comes to games.

Damon and Emily Harris

Damon is originally from the small town of Sandersville, GA. He graduated from Georgia Southern in 2016. Emily is originally from Charlotte, NC, and graduated from Auburn University in 2015. Damon and Emily met overseas in East Asia, where they both served with Cru after graduating from college. They joined staff at Alabama in 2017 and have absolutely loved beginning their marriage in Tuscaloosa! They enjoy traveling, being outdoors— you can often find them hiking, fishing or running— and finding the best ice cream place in town.

Drew Renno

Drew Renno joined staff in July of 2017 and has been at the University of Alabama since that October. He grew up in Marietta, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia in May of 2017 with degrees in Finance and Religion. In his free time, he loves to run, play sports, go camping, and watch movies. He is currently not working on his first book, but hopes to be “prestigious” when he grows up.

Sara Lynn

Sara Lynn graduated from the University of Georgia in 2015, then spent her first year with Cru in Northern Ireland, followed by a year on staff at her alma mater in Athens. She loves dancing, running, and donuts, and you can usually find her reading or socializing at any of the T-Town coffee shops.