Why did we change the material for Song of Solomon?


Why did we change the material for Song of Solomon?

SOS (Song of Solomon) has been an incredible over past few years each February. BUT we have listened to Pastor Tommy Nelson over those years and the video, while great content, has become a bit dated. Remember the crowd shots of people in early 90’s light denim, big hair and who would be scared if an iphone appeared on their lap?

The world has changed, dating is evolving in both helpful and unhelpful ways and teachings on love and relationships will not be changing but how they specifically apply and speak to our culture has. Therefore, we are proud to present Matt Chandler’s, of the Village Church in Texas, series on “the mingling of souls” to replace our usual SOS material! Even if you have been to SOS before we recommend you come as the material will be fantastic and different!

SOS starts tonight at 8:30pm in the Alpha Gam house! Everyone Greek and non-Greek is welcome and the environment is very low pressure, bring anyone! SOS will meet the first four Mondays in February at different sorority houses! So stay tuned to our twitter @Bama_Cru and facebook “Bama Cru” for updates as well as the weekly meeting! SOS’s format will stay the same with a 25 minute video teaching and 25 minutes in small groups with those around you to discuss! Great time to get to know others! 

Matt Chandler has recently been hailed as the greatest English Bible teacher in the world and is known for his deep teaching from the Scriptures coupled with witty charm and practical application. 

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