8 reasons to join a Bama Cru community group!

8 reasons you should join a Bama CRU community group:

  1. You will make friends and life is better with friends.
  2. They are great for those exploring a relationship with Christ and for follower of Christ to grow. We hope everyone involved with Bama CRU is involved with a community group if possible!
  3. They are small (5-16 people) giving you a chance to relate to others and build community.  People grow in community, not in isolation.
  4. The group will discuss Scripture; giving you a chance to ask questions and find answers together.
  5. Discussing Scripture leads us to interact with the authentic Jesus.
  6. The content and Scripture discussed is connected to the weekly meeting to help you understand the Scriptures thoroughly and even be able to teach the concepts onward to others.
  7. Community groups give you a chance to lead with Bama CRU and move the Gospel into places on campus it isn’t already. (your major, your house, your lifestyle, your sport, etc.)  If you want to be a leader in the Bama CRU movement, it starts here.
  8. Community group is the perfect place to invite friends, classmates and co-workers to come hear and experience Jesus in an environment that may be less threatening than our large weekly meeting.

Check them out here: Bama Cru community groups for Spring 2013 link 

^There you can email the leader for more info/introduce yourself if you would like to.


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