Jesus is enough, even if ________________.


Jesus is enough, even if ________________.

What do you fill that blank in with?  Whatever goes in that blank tells us a lot about ourselves, a lot about our hearts, a lot about our worship.

Here are some of mine:

-something terrible happens to my wife or kids

-lose a close loved one

-people don’t think I’m great or cool (I’m a recovering people-pleasing addict)

-my future plans don’t turn out like I had envisioned or dreamed

-life is really hard

-I’m misunderstood

-I get cancer/I’m not healthy

-financial turmoil comes

Do you identify with any of those?  Maybe college students would fill the blank with some of these:

-I don’t ever get married

-I don’t get the job I thought I would

-I bomb the most important test of my life

-I don’t get into med-school/law-school, etc

-my parents get divorced

-my college football team loses this weekend (not that I ever struggle with that!)

The blank tells a lot.  It reveals to us our deepest fears.  And our deepest fears in turn reveal to us what we most take comfort in.  And what we take most comfort in surfaces what or whom we worship.  Simply put, the blank shows us our idols (the things that we worship and seek comfort/satisfaction in rather than Jesus).  Or yet another way to say it: whatever you fill the blank with are the things that most threaten Christ’s sufficiency and satisfaction in your life.

A phrase that has become popular in Christian circles in the past few years is, “preach the gospel to yourself daily”.  A big part of preaching the gospel to yourself involves daily reorienting your heart to the truth that there is nothing that you need more today than Jesus.

If you’re day is chaotic and seemingly unmanageable, you don’t need better planning or scheduling (although that might help, but only temporarily)…what you most need is Jesus and His gracious ability to restore order and sense in your life.

If you’re emotionally overwhelmed and physically drained, your greatest need is not to check out on the couch and get lost in a movie…what you most need is Jesus and His ability to provide rest and comfort in ways that this world never can.

Preaching the gospel to ourselves involves reminding ourselves that we need Jesus because He’s for us everything we’re not…

Jesus is the strength we don’t have.

Jesus is the courage we don’t have.

Jesus is the patience we don’t have.

Jesus is the compassion we don’t have.

Jesus is the tender leader we often aren’t.

Jesus is the truth we so easily lose grip of.

Jesus is the vision we need to see the world through.

Jesus is the faithful listener we often fail to be.

Jesus is the wisdom we lack.

Jesus is the perfection we are not.

And so on…

For those who have put their faith in Christ, Jesus is all of these things in us and for us through the Holy Spirit within us!  What great news!

The simple truth we need to rest in is that He is enough.  We need to daily run to Him and throw down at His feet all the things we fill the blank with.  We need to cling to Him and declare that He is enough in all ways and in all circumstances.

Our bedrock, our foundation, our greatest need is Jesus.  May you and I grow in our love for Him that the “even if…” goes away.

Jesus is enough.  Period.

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