Why we moved our Tuesday night weekly meetings to Calvary Baptist



Why did we move our Tuesday night weekly meeting space from downtown to Calvary Baptist? 

Ultimately, for you, your friends and those who haven’t joined us yet. 

Our vision at Bama CRU is to help students and faculty break down cultural barriers and experience the authentic Jesus. We have been so blessed to see the vision fulfilled over the past four years growing from 40 to over 400 students involved. But just as we grew out of our home at Capstone last fall (2011) and moved into First Methodist in downtown, we have outgrown that home as well. We feel it is of the up most importance to have a seat for every person who wants to attend our Tuesday night weekly meeting. Thank you for being patient with us  as we’ve been forced to seat people on the floor or standing room in the past, but now we hopefully will have seats for you, your friends and anyone who wants to hear about the authentic Jesus and be a part of a movement of making Jesus known on our campus.

The new location at Calvary Baptist Church is near Rama Jamas at the corner of P. Bryant Drive and 12th Ave. and it’s address is 1121 Paul W. Bryant Drive. For the first time we will be within walking distance of all campus dorms, very close to Tutwiler, sorority row and all housing on the campus side of railroad tracks / behind the Strip. We are so excited for the opportunity of being close for freshmen without cars and easy access for many more students than previous locations. If it’s nice out and you are able to walk, please do! If driving from off campus, please try to park on the lots to side of church and behind it to maximize our space and room for everyone. We are deeply thankful for the gracious leadership of Calvary Baptist and the Well campus ministry to not only let us use this space on Tuesday nights, but want us to as a part of the Kingdom of God at Alabama.

We are so excited about the new space, so please get the word out of the new location and everyone is welcome & bring everyone you know to come hear about Jesus. It’s all about Jesus.

– Justin Karl, staff member.

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