does Jesus hate religion?

You and 16 million others may have seen the video:

This is cool video and the team here enjoyed it, however there are a couple things about the video that may not be to completely true and could be an unhelpful representation of the authentic Jesus. So we wanted to provide a thorough review done by one of our favorite bloggers pastor Kevin DeYoung on The Gospel Coalition. Take few minutes to read the review of ‘Why I hate Religion, but love Jesus’ youtube to help you think through the video & what the Bible teaches:
What happened after this article was written is an incredible example of who we are to be as Christians. Jefferson Bethke (the poet in the original video) read DeYoung’s review of his work and humbly wrote to Kevin DeYoung agreeing with his critique. This is part of the beauty of being transformed by Jesus…that now when we make mistakes we can listen to other wise Jesus followers and admit those mistakes. Before we are Christians we can be defensive, angry and prideful when our mistakes are exposed. But when we are being transformed by Jesus we see our worth is not our actions or works, but we are fully accepted in Christ by HIS WORK, sacrifice and love. So we are able to heed correction and listen to others.
Here’s the article and I hope our hearts can be so humble when we make mistakes & we’d also be lovingly and humbly bold enough to show others’ their mis-steps like DeYoung does:
See ya next week! Podcasts of the sermon will also be posted here after Tuesday nights!

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